Charged With a Crime in Missouri?

If you’ve been arrested, you are faced with a number of tough decisions. A criminal offense in Missouri is a serious matter. I’m sure you already know this, and it has caused some real stress in your life. And now you need answers to some tough questions.

You need someone to talk to who can give you honest advice and a fair assessment of exactly what you have for options to protect your rights in court.


Take advantage of our free consultation and make an informed decision about what you can do about it. You have nothing to lose by calling.You’ll get some free advice either way. Call (888) 439-4244 now.

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We defend criminal charges in Kansas City, St. Louis, and across the state.

Defending Clients in Missouri and Kansas Courts

Do I need a lawyer? How do I know who the best attorney is to help me? Can a good defense lawyer help me beat the charges? And what are the consequences of a criminal conviction?

The good news is, we can help you. That’s what we do, everyday, for people just like you. We are criminal defense attorneys who practice in St. Louis, Kansas City, and across the state.  Our attorneys are in criminal courts across the state every day, fighting for the rights of regular people who are caught up in an unfortunate legal situation.

Whether you are being falsely accused, made a dumb mistake, or just got caught up a a messy situation that got out of control, we know how to use our experience and legal expertise to make sure you are treated fairly under the criminal justice system.

And without an experienced criminal defense attorney fighting for you, the sad fact is that there is no one else who will be looking out for your best interests. The government has a large department or prosecutors and District Attorneys, and the police as witnesses on their side.

What you have is the fact that you are innocent until proven guilty under our criminal justice system, and that still counts for something. And, you have us. A defense attorney’s job is only to fight for his client.

Fighting criminal charges can get very complicated, particularly if you are charged with a DWI, where there is extensive chemical and technical laws and tests to challenge, drug possession cases with constitutional search issues, assault charges with multiple conflicting witness statements, and more.

Knowing the right way to handle a case is what a good criminal defense attorney does. We study the facts of your case to figure out what will help you in court, and what won’t. So you can understand exactly what you are facing, what is likely to happen to you, and what you can do to prevent it.

What can A Lawyer do for me?

An evaluation of the facts of your case and your exact situation is where we start.

And we offer this case evaluation for free, with no obligation, to anyone charged in a crime in Missouri.

Once we understand your case, we can help you work through your two basic options. Do we fight the charges and take the case to trial, or do we take an aggressive negotiation stance and bargain for the best possible plea deal, to minimize or eliminate the harshest penalties you may be facing.

There are many cases in which it makes perfect sense to maintain an aggressive defense posture, even if you do intend to ultimately try to work out a plea deal. Why? The threat of taking a case to trial can help you ultimately get a better deal that you can live with. So we are always prepared to file motion after motion to challenge the prosecution at every step. Those procedures can include:

Motion to Suppress: Did the police officers have a right to stop and search you, enter your home, or stop the car? They must have a reasonable suspicion or probable cause, or their action is against the law. Or if they asked you questions after you were under arrest without telling your your rights under Miranda to remain silent.

Motions for Discovery: What do the prosecutor and the police know about the case that they may not be telling us? They could have evidence that suggests you are innocent or provides alternate explanations for your behavior.

Challenging police procedures and technical evidence: Are there chemical tests involve that allegedly prove you had a drug or controlled substance, or failed a breath test? These procedures and test samples must be made available in your defense, so we can challenge them with independent analysis.

In some cases, we dig even deeper, with a private investigator to interview witnesses, or provide expert witness testimony on your behalf to explain complicated procedures and help explain your side of the story.

And that’s really just the beginning. Every case is different, so how we defend you depends on what happened in your exact situation. But after your consultation, you’ll have a pretty good sense of what we can to help you, so you can make an informed decision about the best defense attorney for you to hire.

If you are accused of a serious criminal offense, with a risk of jail time, you can’t afford to risk anything but the best legal help you can get. And even a relatively minor criminal offense can follow you for the rest of your life. A permanent criminal record can impact you in countless ways, especially now that anyone can do a background check on the internet, cheaply and easily.

What are the Risks I am Facing if Convicted of a Criminal Charge?

One of the first questions most people ask in their free legal consultation is “What could happen to me if I am found guilty?” It is a complicated question, with no quick answer. Our criminal offenses guideline page talks about the classes of misdemeanor and felony charges, and possible penalties. And each of the specific pages on this site has some basic information about many common charges that we defend.

With most felony charges, you are at serious risk of substantial jail time if you are convicted. With misdemeanors, it really depends on the case and the charge. There is a real risk of jail time with many of the more serious misdemeanor charges (Class A misdemeanor), or if you have a previous offense or criminal record. For first offense Class C misdemeanor charges, you probably won’t be sent to jail, although it is certainly possible in some cases. Infractions don’t have any of those risks, and aren’t technically criminal charges, though there can still be good reasons to challenge them in court, to reduce costs of fines and increased insurance rates, or certainly if you are facing a suspended driver’s license for multiple traffic infractions.

Other common penalties for many criminal charges include large fines, suspension of driver’s licenses, court imposed treatment for alcohol or drug use, or violent actions (anger management classes), and probation time.

We will lay out the worse case, best case, and most likely outcome of your case. That way you can decide for yourself how you want to proceed.

How to Find the Attorney for you, With No Risk

As we’ve said, the best way to find the best lawyer to defend your case in court, is to speak to them. You can get your questions answered as you get a sense of how that person would defend you in court, and if you feel comfortable with their level of legal experience. You need someone in whom you can be confident of their skills.

Our attorneys dedicate their practice to criminal law, almost exclusively. We’ve helped people charged with nearly every possible criminal offense. Our experienced attorneys know how to navigate the complex criminal court system, to get you the best possible outcome. We’ve won some tough cases that didn’t look good for our clients at first glance. So, the right experience really does matter.

An attorney who is extremely familiar with both the case law, and the facts on the ground in the courtroom can make all the difference. Which judges are harsh, and which are fair? What are you realistically facing, and what is the chance of beating the charges? An attorney without experience fighting and winning criminal cases may not really know.

We can’t promise you that your case can be won. But we will pledge to work tirelessly on your behalf, and use all of out experience to do what is best for you. A good defense attorney always keeps the needs of the client as the focus, and does what is in his/her best interest. So sometimes, a fair plea deal is a good deal. But in many cases, the best defense is to fight for you at trial. And we’ll help you decide. In many cases, you don’t have to decide right away. We can plan to fight the case, but ultimately work out a deal down the road.

In any case, your initial meeting and case evaluation, whether you meet us at our law offices, or we speak over the phone is at absolutely no cost to you at all, and there is no further obligation.

You’ll learn how I will help you navigate through each step of the legal system. I’ll also tell you about the legal fees and costs. We charge most of our clients a flat rate for criminal cases, so there are never any surprises.

The first meeting is free, so there is absolutely no risk on your part–and you will learn just what your rights and options are. You’ve really got nothing to lose. You’ll walk out with some free advice, and hopefully a better understanding of your legal situation.

 So why not call us now, and find out what we can do for you?

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We look forward to speaking with you and offering our help.


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Mark Hagen

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