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Being accused of theft or shoplifting can be a traumatic experience. You’ve been embarrassed by store employees, and arrested by the police or given a summons to criminal court. That is a very difficult experience for anyone to go through. In most cases, people tell me that they made a dumb mistake. You felt stressed, and made a bad decision. Or maybe you were in a situation that seemed desperate and you acted on impulse. But that doesn’t mean you deserve a harsh penalty. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Of course, if you think you are wrongfully accused, then you absolutely need help to fight for your rights and innocence. Unfortunately, the Kansas courts are not always sympathetic to anyone who’s been accused of a criminal theft or shoplifting charge. Facing these types of charges in Kansas is a serious issue and you may need serious help. You are at risk of a permanent criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life.  It will show up on background checks and free or inexpensive public records searches. Not to mention there is a real risk of jail time for more serious theft or shoplifting charges. See my shoplifting/theft penalties chart below.

An experienced attorney like myself can help you sort through the legal process and keep you informed of your rights. So please call me for a consultation about your case today. I’ll let you know exactly what I can do to help you.

What is a Theft Charge Under Kansas Law?

There are several situations that may warrant theft charges. How you take something as well as what you take will affect the charges and the potential sentence as well.

If you are accused of any of the following, you may be facing theft charges under Kansas criminal laws:

  • Taking control of someone else’s property (this also applies to shoplifting)
  • Obtaining someone’s property by deception
  • Obtaining someone’s property by threat
  • Obtaining property that you know to be stolen

The potential sentence depends for the criminal theft charges you are facing depend on the value of the property in question.

Theft/Shoplifting Penalties in Kansas

Value of PropertyPenalty/SentenceCriminal Charge
Under $1,000Fines of up to $2,500 and up to 1 year in prison (typically probation)Class A non-person misdemeanor
$1,000 – $25,0005-17 months (typical 6 month sentence for first criminal offense)Level 9 non-person felony
$25,001 – $100,00011-34 months (typical 12 month sentence for first criminal offense)Level 7 non-person felony
More than $100,00031-136 months (typical 32 month sentence for first criminal offense)Level 5 non-person felony

ref: KSA 21-3701 Kansas Statutes Annotated – Theft

What Can I realistically expect if I am convicted of Theft or Shoplifting?

The sentencing range for theft crimes is very wide. This is so Kansas judges can take your criminal history and the fact of your case into consideration and sentence accordingly. If you have a more extensive criminal history you are much more likely to be sentenced to significant jail time for a theft offense.

If you are convicted of a Level 9 or Level 7 theft crime, you may be eligible to serve your sentence as probation. An experienced attorney can improve your chances of getting probation rather than serving prison time. In addition, If you are accused of any shoplifting charge, the store can also file a civil suit against you to recover damages (money).

Boosting Laws

If you are accused of theft from three or more stores within a 72 hour period (commonly called “boosting”), you can be charged with an additional Level 9 non-person felony and face 5-17 months in prison.

(KSA 21-3701)


Theft of Lost or Mislaid Property

If you come into possession of property that has been lost or mislaid by its rightful owner and you do not make attempts to return it, you may be charged with this Class A non-person misdemeanor and face fines of up to $2,500 and up to 1 year in prison (typically probation).

(KSA 21-3703)

Theft of Services

You may be charged with theft of services if you take utilities, stealing cable, transportation, lodging, or entertainment by deception, threat, coercion, stealth, or tampering.
With theft of services, the potential charge and sentence are dependent on the value of the service that has been taken.

(KSA 21-3704)

See the penalties chart above for possible and likely penalties for theft or theft of services under Kansas theft laws.

Facing prison time for a theft charge in Kansas is a serious matter. When you are experiencing the stress that goes along with getting caught up in the system, you need someone to help make sense of it all, and help you make sure your rights and freedom are protected to the fullest extent. Call me now to find out what I can do to help. A qualified, experienced attorney like myself can help make the best of your situation, challenge the charges in court, and if necessary, avoid the most severe outcomes and serious penalties you are facing.

I’ll give you some criminal defense legal advice to help you decide what to do. Call me now at my Kansas City office at (888) 439-4244.

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