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Whether you been accused of or arrested for credit card fraud, bank fraud or other types of criminal Fraud, let’s talk about your best defense options to reduce the risk of the most severe penalties.

Missouri Fraud Laws & Penalties

Fraud is a serious charge, which could be a felony with significant jail time if you are found guilty. The range of penalties, the likely charges, and risks in court vary greatly depending on:

  • The exact nature of the fraud
  • What financial damage was caused (how much money was taken)
  • Your actions and responsibilities in the matter

Credit card fraud is only one situation, and there are many related offenses and accusations like embezzlement that could be used against you in criminal and civil court.

Fraudulent use of a credit device or debit device

If you use a credit or debit card and know that:

  • The card is stolen or fake; or
  • The card has been revoked or canceled; or
  • The use of the credit card is not authorized for any reason.

Fraud in the use of a credit card is a Class A Misdemeanor unless the usage is for charges of over $500, then the penalty is a Class D Felony. It is also considered a Class A Misdemeanor if you use someone else’s card without that persons permission.

Fraud Defenses

Remuneration, aka giving the money back is always on the top of the list of ways to reduce or mitigate criminal penalties as part of a deal.

And, of course, if you are innocent, building a defense requires a number of other strategies, investigations, and evidence to counter the state’s accusations against you.

These cases get complicated pretty fast. Please call to discuss the charges against you, and we can go over it. No obligation.

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