Drug Dealing

If you’ve been accused of or arrested for a Drug Charge in Missouri, you need an experienced criminal lawyer to help you through it. Take advantage of our  free consultation and make an informed decision about how you want to proceed. You have nothing to lose by calling. I’ll give you some free advice either way. Call now, 888-439-4244.

Arrested for Drug Distribution in Missouri?

Drug distribution / dealing is a serious criminal charge, and it can have severe penalties associated with it. Depending on the details of the charges against you, you are facing prison time if convicted.

You need a strong defense lawyer on your side to protect your rights. Someone with the right experience protecting people against Missouri Drug Laws and defending their legal and constitutional rights.

These cases can be extremely complicated. There are scientific issues (is the drug a legally controlled substance under the law?) legal issues of probable cause for search and seizure, issues with witnesses, and a host of other possible complications and defense options to explore.

Take advantage of my  free consultation, and find out if my experience is the right match to fight for you.

Missouri Criminal Statutes, Excerpts

Distribution, delivery, manufacture or production of a controlled substance, violations and attempted violations, penalty.

“… it is unlawful for any person to distribute, deliver, manufacture, produce or attempt to distribute, deliver, manufacture or produce a controlled substance or to possess with intent to distribute, deliver, manufacture, or produce a controlled substance.”


According to Missouri Drug Laws, distribution is a Class B Felony, unless it is 5 grams or less of marijuana.


Distributing a controlled substance within 2000 feet of a school is a Class A Felony, unless it is five grams or less of marijuana.


Distribution or delivery of not more than five grams of marijuana is guilty of a Class C Felony.

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